Fishing is not the only thing you can do in the summer in the north, so if fishing is not your greatest passion in life, then we got many other activities for you. There are many hiking routes, great animal wildlife and beautiful natural scenery to explore. We will tailor your adventure to suit your taste. But if you’re into fishing then we have many options for you. Deep-sea fishing in the Atlantic Ocean or lake fishing in Lapland, the choice is yours. Why not both of them? That’s what travelling with a seaplane can provide. Of course, you can combine fishing and the other adventures. The choice is all yours. If you have any special requests why not ask us and we’ll see what we can do for you.


Go for a hike. Get out into the wilderness. Get a guided tour or go for a stroll on your own. Follow “Kungsleden”, or as it translates from Swedish – “the path of the King”. Kungsleden runs through Swedish Lapland and passes the iconic Lapporten. Explore the paths among the mountains in Lofoten or in Senja. Set your goal to reach the tops to get to enjoy the amazing views. You’ll see all the islands, the mountains and the fjords. Don’t forget your camera, you’ll be happy you brought it.


There are lots of opportunities to go canoeing or kayaking. Ocean kayaking in Lofoten or Senja and canoeing on lakes and rivers in Lapland in Sweden or Finland. A day excursion for couples or small groups with a meal close to the water under the blue sky or maybe a night trip in the midnight-sun. You, the nature, the animals and the stillness. Bring your camera, it’s a good chance for some beautiful pics.


There is some good fishing on the lakes in the north of Lapland.
Try Fly-fishing in Tjounajokk, which is famous for all the big graylings, or maybe you’ll get a pike, trout or char there. Fly to Vidjajaure, a beautiful lake high up among the mountains. If there’s no ice on the lake we might get in. Here you’ll find some arctic chars, it’s well-known they grow really big up here and it’s only because there is no-one else around to catch them, there is a big chance you’ll be the only visitor this season.


Lake fishing is great fun but the fish you get are nothing compared to the monsters you catch when you go deep-sea fishing in Norway. Imagine catching a 3.5 m and 325 kg halibut. Multiply the first number with 3 and the second with 2.2 and you get feet and lbs. It’s a real monster.
We still have cod and all the other deep-sea monsters to talk about. Imagine catching a wolfish, the name would scare most people, wait till you see the fish, then you’ll get scared for real. The adventures start from Hamnøy and Senja.


The white-tailed sea eagle, puffins, gannets, auks, guillemots, ptarmigan… and I could go on and on… The Nordic arctic is full of birds. Big ones, small ones, fast ones, mean ones. We have them all. If birdwatching is your thing – you will get your chance to cross a few of them on your list. If you’re just a tiny little bit interested, bring your binoculars, your camera and download a bird-app for your phone and try to identify all the birds you see. If it’s too easy try to identify by the song it sings. You will have some fun.


Ancient traditions on the coast of Norway have been to hunt whales. For more than a thousand years. These days it’s more popular to arrange whale safaris for tourists. Why not take your chance to see a big Sperm whale or maybe some orcas while you’re in Norway anyway? There are day-trips with RIBs and by ships from Lofoten and there’s also a museum if you want to know some more about the history of whales and whale-hunting -also known as whaling.


There are lots of eagles up here in the north and it can be arranged to go on an eagle-safari with RIBs in Norway, from Saltstraumen and Lofoten. It’s a good chance to see the white-tailed sea eagle, a big, beautiful, flying predator with a wingspan up to 2,5m (8 ft) and it lives in these areas during the whole year. You should see the sea-gulls when one of these eagles enter their territory, they go crazy and team-up just to have a little chance in the fight against the lonely king of the skies.


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