Exploring the Nordic North

Are you looking for a different kind of adventure? Are you curious about the Nordic countries and want to experience the Nordic arctic nature and wildlife in a different and truly unique way? Then you’ve found the right place to start your next exciting adventure. Imagine landing in your seaplane on a calm, mirror-like lake in the middle of the wilderness in Scandinavia’s northernmost nature. Imagine fishing in the middle of the night under the midnight sun. Imagine the calmness & the quietness, no-one else around except you and the company you brought along. The next day you land in a fjord in between beautiful mountains in northern Norway on your way to explore the Norwegian islands of the magical and marvelous Lofoten. And why not a landing on a lake in Finland too before you slowly start to find your way back home.

The Adventures

The Nordic countries are unique and especially north of the Arctic Circle. The climate is mild because of the warm Gulf stream which flows from the Gulf of Mexico, crossing the Atlantic Ocean and influencing the weather in the north of Europe. At these high latitudes it’s otherwise much colder. Above the Arctic Circle you can find the Aurora Borealis and, in the summer, the midnight sun. Sweden, Norway and Finland are so close, but each country is so completely different and special in its own kind of way. We offer our travellers bespoke experiences, a chance to plan their own adventure, to land almost anywhere and to reach the unreachable. We offer a truly unique way of exploring the Nordic Arctic wilderness.


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