Our Aircraft – Cessna 208

To reach the unreachable we must use aircraft well designed to land in nature, far away from civilization. To go deep into nature we use the speed and range of the seaplane. Our Cessna 208 Caravan is what pilots call a bush plane. It manoeuvres with ease in narrow valleys and lands on the smallest of lakes. The Cessna Caravan is propelled by the PT6 from Pratt & Whitney, with the most reliable safety track record an aviation engine ever shown. The plane sits up to 8 passengers with a pilot and guide on board and lands on floats on water or on paved runways. OceanSky is using biofuel to furthest extent that we possibly can. Biofuel are still scarce. By choosing biofuel we support the development of non-fossil alternatives and help creating incentives to bring production up and cost down. Freedom is the opportunity to choose. Our Cessna Caravan takes us where we choose to go – we can even change our route as we go and land anywhere we please, because lakes and sea is everywhere in the Nordic landscape. And the sun is up all summer long. We fly by VFR flight rules on single pilot operation. This means that we navigate by traditional means of visual references. Just like the old days. Come fly with our experienced pilots and connoisseurs of the sky that has traversed the Nordic landscapes all their life and call this special landscape their home.

The Cessna Caravan is our chosen equipment because OceanSky wants to take you to places roads do not lead to, and to wilderness far from civilization. This is where we find true silence and pristine landscapes. Welcome on board, folks of nature! When we travel we strive not to make a footprint, not to alter the surroundings we visit. Therefore OceanSky chooses to travel by air but minimise the use of airports. Airports and infrastructures carve deep wounds and alter our planet undesirably. We use biofuel to the maximum extent as we can. Biofuel is non-fossil and does not add to global warming. Some would say it’s even better if we rejected travel all together. We disagree, by positive action we can inspire and change to a larger degree.


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OceanSky Aviation is an airline making tourism truly sustainable by pioneering experiences.
We believe in improving the world.


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Norrsken House
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